The breweries, the craft beer hall and the ciderhouse


Sip straight from the source at any of our four craft breweries, select from the 32 beers on tap at our craft beer hall or enjoy the delicious beverages that our local cider house has to offer. Visit these locations to see what's brewing on the bikeway.

On the bikeway


Enjoy beers straight from the source, as well as a large variety of specialty bottles & merchandise. It is at this location that 95 percent of Jackie O's production happens. Enjoy the atmosphere inside the taproom of relax with friends on the large outdoor patio.

0.1 mile from bikeway, near mile marker 1



A brewery with a farmhouse mentality, deriving inspiration from locally sourced ingredients. While saisons and barrel aged sours are close to their hearts, they also love to brew and drink a hop-forward pale ale or a subtly crafted lager. Nothing is off the table, as long as it pairs well with friends and family.

0.1 mile from Armitage Road bikeway extension



Born from the soul of homebrewing, Devil's Kettle makes a wide variety of beers, but their focus remains on making the most drinkable, excellent examples of the way beer ought to taste. You won't find exotic ingredients added just for the sake of being weird. They cater to beer drinkers more than beer sippers. Keep your pinkies down, this is a five finger brewery.

250 feet from Columbus Road bikeway extension



A craft beer hall with 32 beers (or more) on tap! Serving an assortment of burgers, wings, brats and much, much more. Check out their calendar for various events—from billiards nights to live music.

100 feet from bikeway, near mile marker 7



Side Trips


Farmhouse-style hard ciders locally made from 100% Ohio-grown apples. Plus a full bar featuring their sister company, locally-crafted Fifth Element Spirits. Enjoy the patio and this historic brick beauty. 

0.9 mile from bikeway mile marker 4



Pay a visit to the place where Athens’ brewing all began! The original Jackie O’s, both Public House and Brewpub, features 48 draft lines, a large patio, two full bars and is located in the heart of Uptown Athens.

0.5 mile (uphill) from bikeway along Richland Avenue*


*Obey all traffic laws. Bicycles are considered a "vehicle" according to Ohio's Law. This means that you must abide by the same rules that motor vehicle operators abide by.